can't breath, can't sleep

herbst 2010

the queen of hearts

cleo, herbst 2009

ask me your questions and tell me your secrets

toskana, sommer 2010

and that's what makes my life so f*cking fantastic

regina & helena, herbst 2010

i just can't get you of my mind

sommer 2009

have i hope with your heart?

helena, winter 2010

lucky to have been where i have been

polaroid, herxheim, herbst 2010

i guess you never know what you got until it's gone

venedig, herbst 2009

feeling so faithless, lost under the surface

berlin, sommer 2010

i hope you always find a reason to smile

thea, ostsee, herbst 2010

your head can be a prison

helena, herbst 2010

please come back, please come home

venedig, herbst 2009

it is a risk to love. what if it doesn't work out? ah, but what if it does.

kim & helena, herbst 2010

i'm a little bit sicker than most

helena, winter 2009

so get yourself on that airplane, ‘cause it’s been far too long since you went away

venedig, herbst 2009

a hundred days have made me older

ostsee, sommer 2010

if we ever meet again

ostsee, sommer 2010

you're coming back to me, i know

thea, frühling 2010

are you ready to go?

venedig, herbst 2009

so i keep on walking 'til the sun comes up

frühling 2010

in the night i hear them talk, coldest story ever told

polaroid, st. tropez, sommer 2009

one day we will fly, over the seas, high in the sky

venedig, herbst 2009

you better learn how to crawl, we're doing it my way

helena , herbst 2010

all i want to do is be more like me

toskana, sommer 2010

no photos please

thea, venedig, herbst 2009

look how far we've come

venedig, herbst 2009

let's make history

analog, thea, toskana, sommer 2010
einweg unterwasser kamera 

good morning sweetheart, want pancakes?

ostsee, frühling 2010

autumn's here, kids

polaroid, hannah, herbst 2010

i had the cutest daydream about you today

hamburg, sommer 2010

on the second day i bought her flowers

venedig, herbst 2009

drivin' black in black, just got my license back

rom, herbst 2010

i wish it could be sunday when i wake up everyday

thea, berlin, frühling 2010

i feel fireworks when i think of you

berlin, herbst 2010

i'd like to make myself believe

frühling 2010

one, two, f*ck you.

helena, frühling 2010

the beatles were right. love is definately all we need.

kim & helena, frühling 2010

looking back, memories found

rom, herbst 2010

throw it away, forget yesterday

polaroid, helena, frankreich, sommer 2009

busy walking by

rom, herbst 2010

leave this life behinde me

berlin, frühling 2010

today will be better, babe

herbst 2010