each time i see you, i stop breathing for a second

kim, ostsee, winter 2010

you got the stuff, the stuff that drives me wild

frühling 2011

stop what you’re doing, you don’t want to ruin

rom, herbst 2010

one day i caught myself smiling for no reason, than i realized i was thinking of you

analog, ostsee, winter 2010
kodak gold 200 film

so come on and shine with me, like the beautiful star you are

thea, sommer 2010

let's find some beautiful place to get lost

toskana, sommer 2010

here we are now, entertain us!

dortmund, frühling 2011

don’t feel bad, keep your sadness alive

winter 2010

yours is the first face that i saw, think i was blind before i met you

polaroid, frühling 2011

we are the kings and queens that were promised

30 seconds to mars, oberhausen, herbst 2010

i can’t keep chasing you, it’s taking my life away

dortmund, frühling 2011

if i was a flower growing wild and free, all i'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee

kim & helena, frühling 2011

film is the future

analog, kim, ostsee, winter 2010
kodak gold 200 film

we've been on the run, driving in the sun, looking out for number one - california, here we come!

dortmund, sommer 2011

‘cause you keep me thinking that we almost had it all

venedig, herbst 2009

left my troubles behind

schweiz, frühling 2011

es gibt im leben viele zeiten, das hier sind die guten

regina & helena, ostsee, sommer 2010

i know you try to hide, i know you try to act tough

helena, frühling 2011

my loving never stopped, even now that it’s over

frühling 2011

take my hand tonight, let's not think about tomorrow

polaroid, simple plan, dortmund, winter 2009

he's the one, he's the one, i say it loud

kim & helena, hamburg, winter 2010

‘cause i’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby

frühling 2011

but i can’t do this all on my own, no, i know i’m no superman

gunther, venedig, herbst 2009

she took the midnight train going nowhere

dortmund, frühling 2011

are we getting closer or are we just getting more lost?

anike & hannah, herbst 2010

open my eyes and see that you never were the best for me

venedig, herbst 2009

we go together like sunglasses and stevie wonder

sascha, ostsee, sommer 2009

dreaming, i was only dreaming. singing, i can hear them singing.

frühling 2011

i don’t think you realize what you mean to me, not the slightest clue

thea & helena, dortmund, winter 2010