oh, how i want to feel your fingers in my hair, and your warm breath on my skin

analog, kim & helena, amsterdam, herbst 2011
kodak gold 200 film

real men like curves, dogs like bones

helena, monument valley, sommer 2011

we all will be the greatest

tim, hürth, frühling 2012

i don't understand why alice left wonderland

melanie & helena, hürth, frühling 2012

happy days are here again

jaqueline, hürth, frühling 2012

life comes to those who choose happiness

svenja & jaqueline, hürth, frühling 2012


helena, bonn, frühling 2012

lights will guide you home

helena, köln, frühling 2012

so wrap your arms around me and leave me, i can't hold on

jaqueline, ann-marie & helena, hürth, frühling 2012

and what was i to you?

ann-marie, hürth, frühling 2012

we are not together, but no one else is allowed to date you, ok?

melanie, hürth, frühling 2012

it's sad how things can change so quickly

justin & helena, hürth, frühling 2012

home is where the fastest internet is

justin, florian, tim & constantin, hürth, frühling 2012

die mädchen in der szene essen wenig bis nichts, haben alle lange haare und ein edles gesicht. doch ich schneide grimassen, ich scheiß auf die affen!

helena, köln, frühling 2012