photo IMG_8762JPG_effected.jpg
ostsee, anfang 2013
 photo IMG_7301JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_7303JPG_effected.jpg
regina, märz 2013
 photo IMG_9607JPG_effected.jpg
hamburg, anfang 2013
used photo IMG_1616JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_1612JPG_effected.jpg
schweiz, april 2013

backpacking, to the middle of nowhere

 photo IMG_2985JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_2994JPG_effected.jpg
oliver, berlin, herbst 2012

 photo IMG_8747JPG_effected.jpg
ostsee, anfang 2013
 photo IMG_4456JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_4459JPG_effected.jpg
martyna, herbst 2012
used photo IMG_1360JPG_effected.jpg
schweiz, april 2013
 photo IMG_3771JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_3772JPG_effected.jpg
münster, herbst 2012

be in love with your life, every detail of it

used photo IMG_0587JPG_effected.jpg
schweiz, april 2013
 photo IMG_2218_zps35b64719.jpg
berlin, herbst 2012

 photo IMG_7214JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_7211JPG_effected.jpg
oliver, april 2013
 photo IMG_9678JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_9675JPG_effected.jpg
hamburg, anfang 2013
 photo IMG_2804JPG_effected.jpg
berlin, herbst 2012

not a million fights could make me hate you

used photo IMG_1461JPG_effected.jpg
katja, schweiz, april 2013

i will give your heart a place to rest when everything you had has turned and left

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used photo IMG_0331JPG_effected.jpg
cleo, schweiz, april 2013
 photo IMG_8645JPG_effected.jpg
ostsee, anfang 2013

 photo IMG_3635JPG_effected.jpg
münster, winter 2012

marry me, today and every day

used photo IMG_7103JPG_effected.jpg
used photo IMG_7105JPG_effected-001.jpg
oliver, winter 2012

we travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls

 photo IMG_0780JPG_effected.jpg
alaska, sommer 2012

 photo IMG_8751JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_8750JPG_effected.jpg
ostsee, anfang 2013
 photo imm1.jpg
analog, sommer 2012
lomography color negative 400 film

 photo imm027_25.jpg
 photo imm024_22.jpg
 photo imm023_21.jpg
analog, februar 2013
einwegkamera farbfilm 400
 photo IMG_8678JPG_effected.jpg
ostsee, anfang 2013