so, what am i supposed to do, when the best part of me was always you?

kim, kunstprojekt "verzweiflung", winter 2010

sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls

anike, toskana, sommer 2010

always kiss me goodnight

kim & helena, winter 2009

so come on get higher, listen my lips

helena, herbst 2009

take my heart, i'll take your hand

winter 2010

hell is empty and all the devils are here

rom, herbst 2010

but what comes around goes around

katja, rom, herbst 2010

as long as i'm living, i'll be waiting

venedig, herbst 2009

youth is wasted on the young

winter 2010

baby, i have no story to be told

helena, herbst 2010

ignorance is your new best friend

rom, herbst 2010

take me away to better days

winter 2010

"alles was wir wirklich wollen, ist die verwirrende freude der liebe."

lea & fabian, lüttich, sommer 2010

they’ve teached me a lot of words, but not enough to describe how much i love you

kim & helena, berlin, frühling 2011

like we did when spring began

helena, sommer 2009

give me your right hand, i think i understand

winter 2010

tell me where to start and tell me something i don't know

thea, rom, herbst 2010

what if i am made for you, and you are made for me?

regina & helena, ostsee, sommer 2010

can't wait 'til they get what they deserve

hannah, toskana, sommer 2010

i'll never fight again, and this is how it ends

rom, herbst 2010

we live young

polaroid, brandenburger tor, berlin, herbst 2010

every kiss, every hug, seems to act like a drug

kim & helena, ostsee, winter 2010

there's a fire, starting in my heart

helena, winter 2010

where troubles melt like lemon drops

frühling 2010

keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest

linkin park, dortmund, herbst 2010

time is going by, so much faster than i

anike & hannah, winter 2010

you have my heart inside your hands

analog, regina & helena, ostsee. sommer 2010
unterwasser einwegknipser

cross this new divide

lüttich,  sommer 2010

sing it from the heart, sing it 'til you're nuts

helena, toskana, sommer 2010

i don't need to

katja, winter 2010