drive trough places we've always talked about visiting

analog, helena, frühling 2011
lomography color negative 400 film

a photo, a day, a year

heyhey! "a photo, a day" wird 1!
heute vor einem jahr hab' ich zum ersten mal gepostet,
mit der absicht jeden tag ein photo hochzuladen.
da ist wohl was schief gegangen, denn
mittlerweile sind es 508 veröffentlichte photos! :)
danke für's verfolgen ♥

you’ve been looking for someone you can trust

rom, herbst 2010

nobody knows where they might end up, nobody knows

gelsenkirchen, frühling 2011

i couldn’t believe my eyes, it was my lucky day

lübeck, herbst 2011

you and me together, nothing's better!

kim & helena, ostsee, sommer 2011

elvis isn't dead, 'cause i heard him on the radio

analog, helena, frühling 2011
diana f+ mini film

been up all night, staring at you, wondering what’s on your mind

frühling 2011

everybody is screaming, i try to make a sound but noone hears me

colloseum, rom, herbst 2010

i know we said things, did things that we didn’t mean

lübeck, herbst 2011

everybody put up your hands, say: i don’t want to be in love!

ostsee, frühling 2011

won’t you just stop, take a breath, for a moment to reflect?

polaroid, ostsee, sommer 2010

why would i want to destroy something i helped build?

toskana, sommer 2010

no, he doesn't know what he's missing

helena, herbst 2010

but you don't see me like i wish you would

polaroid, frühling 2011

how does it feel, is it fantastic, is it grand?

dortmund, frühling 2011