take a breath, take it deep

toskana, sommer 2010

there are millions of people with a lot on their minds

helena, frühling 2010

do you think about me now and than?

frühling 2010

you know that you’ll always have my heart

regina, ostsee, sommer 2010

i've been counting the days since she left one way

winter 2010

i just wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart

thea, rom, herbst 2010

take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape

toskana, sommer 2010

what easy way? there is no easy way

berlin hauptbahnhof, frühling 2010

i'm terrified, but i'm not leaving

winter 2010

there is love within my heart, there is love, love, love!

kim & helena, ostsee, winter 2010

guess i left my world in somebody's hands

toskana, sommer 2010

show me what it's like to be the last one standing

helena, ostsee, frühling 2010

you, me, maybe we were never meant to be

herbst 2009

the world is not enough for the both of us, it seems

rom,  herbst 2010

easy come, easy go, that's just how you live

rom, herbst 2010

i broke all the rules, but baby i broke them all for you

polaroid, regina & helena, ostsee, sommer 2010

what would you wish for, if you had one chance?

helena, herbst 2009

and you've got a smile that could light up the whole town

hannah, toskana, sommer 2010

i miss the sound of your voice

rom, herbst 2010

working everyday for the weekend

gunther, rom, herbst 2010

we must stay here forever, can we stay here for all the time honey?

kim & helena, ostsee, winter 2010

we lost a lifetime when i disappeard, now i am coming back to you

toskana, sommer 2010

check the trouble we’re in

rom, herbst 2010

i wish we could go back to the beginning

thea, rom, herbst 2010

never love a wild thing

helena, sommer 2010

wenn ich durch berlin city cruise ist reggae mein motor

fernsehturm, berlin, frühling 2010

it don’t matter what you see, i know that can never be

winter 2010

coming to an end

polaroid, schweiz, frühling 2010

don't know why you say goodbye, i say hello

toskana, sommer 2010

well they can take take take the kids from the summer, but they'll never never never take the summer from me

helena, toskana, sommer 2010

i've come home

kim & helena, ostsee, winter 2010