i want to be your dream coming true

helena, herbst 2011

i can’t remember how, i can’t remember why

berlin, sommer 2011

my bitter heart is pumping oil into my vains

rom, herbst 2010

ich bin ohne worte, ich finde die worte nicht. ich hab' keine worte für dich!

regina & helena, berlin, sommer 2011
& wenn euer pc langsam ist, wird's jetzt peinlich für uns.

no, i’m not afraid of you, i got something to proof

analog, gunther, berlin, sommer 2011
agfa apx 100 film 

whole-heartedly believing that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them, no matter what

thorsten & ann-kathrin, sommer 2011

it’s a hard thing faking a smile when i feel like i’m apart inside

regina, berlin, sommer 2011

guess i let you get the best of me

analog, köln, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

i need a doctor, call me a doctor, i need a doctor, to bring me back to life

sommer 2011

someday we’ll be together

toskana, sommer 2010

i spent too much energy, honestly, i’m exhausted

rom, herbst 2010

a friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself

analog, helena, ostsee, sommer 2011
einwegnipser farbfilm 400

and you don’t look scared, but you should be afraid

las vegas, sommer 2011

‘cause just one night couldn’t be so wrong

berlin, hackescher markt, sommer 2011

true love only happens just once in a lifetime

thorsten & ann-kathrin, sommer 2011

that's it

analog, thea, santa barbara, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

thought for the day: very little is needed to make life happy

analog, sedona, amerika, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

what if like dreams are reality and reality are just dreams and when you die you wake up

berlin, sommer 2011

live on the coce side of life

analog, amerika, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

i want to break up the scene and see you running back to me

berlin, sommer 2011

they make a statement, but it’s gotta be a joke

annike, bonn, frühling 2011

when you ask the question than it’s always "yes"

katja, lübeck, herbst 2011

what of the part don’t you understand? wish you’d just freak out!

analog, sommer 2011
agfa apx 100 film 

they’ve got it all, they’ve got all the things i thought i wanted

frühling 2011

hi, you’re cute. can i sit next to you and watch you smile?

regina, berlin, sommer 2011

love me like the world is ending

kim, ostsee, sommer 2011

‘cause you got to be bigger, be faster, be stronger if you want to survive any longer

analog, amerika, sommer 2011
lomography color negative 400 film

my mind plays tricks on me, am i paranoid, or am i just stoned?

las vegas, sommer 2011

you know enough to know the way, six billion people, just one name

30 seconds to mars, köln, winter 2010

hands high, all the people move your hands high, hands high, and i’m telling you to move your hands high

berlin, sommer 2011

i’m a stranger, a life changer, a man that’s not afraid of danger

san fransisco, sommer 2011

shut up and drive

analog, pismo beach, amerika, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

you were meant for me, ‘cause i know i won’t forget you

thea, berlin, sommer 2011

my heart is full and my door is always open, you can come every time you want

analog, amerika, sommer 2011
fuji superia x-tra 400 film

but the best thing i can give to you, is for me to go, leave you alone, you got growing up to do

analog, tijuana, mexico, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

when you see my face, hope it gives you hell

helena, frühling 2011

i’ve never seen you fall so hard, do you know where you are?

analog, grand canyon, sommer 2011
kodak gold 200 film

that's what you get from waking up in vegas

las vegas, sommer 2011