sie ist'n berlin city girl, und sie weiß dass ihr die welt gehört

regina & helena, berlin, herbst 2010

don't want to forget, come daylight

venedig, herbst 2009

call me up if you're a gangster

florenz, sommer 2010

in the end, everyone ends up alone

florenz, sommer 2010

honestly, my life would SUCK without you!

regina, ostsee, sommer 2010

music makes me wanna loose control

dortmund, frühling 2011

always the answer, never a question

rom, herbst 2010

that part of me left yesterday, this heart in me is strong today

dortmund, frühling 2011

you're always there and you always care. you're so amazing and there's just no replacement

kim & helena, ostsee, winter 2010

we're watching you

frühling 2011

so i try to hold on to a time when nothing mattered

venedig, herbst 2009

the quiet scares me, ‘cause it screams the truth

regina, herbst 2010

paperweight on my back, cover me like a blanket

helena, rom, herbst 2010

look at all these empty people, living their lifes. look at all these plastic people, they're tired inside

katja & gunther, rom, herbst 2010

guten morgen berlin, du kannst so wunderschön sein

polaroid, kim, dina, hannah, markus, max, max, simon, coralie, jannik, julia, paul, leo, hermann, thomas, davin & helena, berlin, februar 2011

where were you when everything was falling apart?

ostsee, winter 2010

so can i get a wish?

helena, frühling 2011

me and you, stick like glue

dänemark, sommer 2010

well, you treat me just like another stranger - it’s nice to meet you, sir

kim, winter 2010

footsteps in front of my door, hear them come closer

rom, herbst 2010

loved her world that she left behind

katja, winter 2010

wie beim ersten atemzug

ostsee, herbst 2009

get out the way for me and my crew

florenz, sommer 2010