photo KanadaHeliskiing2012VideosGunther168jpg_effected.jpg
kanada, april 2011

 photo IMG_2816JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_2817JPG_effected.jpg
berlin, herbst 2012
 photo IMG_9690JPG_effected.jpg
hamburg, januar 2013

 photo IMG_5766JPG_effected.jpg
helena, januar 2013

 photo IMG_1801JPG_effected_zps909bec51.jpg
 photo IMG_1798JPG_effected_zpsd53058aa.png
oliver, berlin, herbst 2012

 photo imm014_12A-2.jpg
 photo imm011_9A-3.jpg
analog, ostsee, winter 2011
agfa apx 100 film 

what happens in the heart, simply happens

 photo IMG_3696JPG_effected.jpg
annika & christian, mai 2013

 photo IMG_9197.jpg
 photo IMG_9162.jpg
alaska, sommer 2012
 photo IMG_0657JPG_effected.jpg
alaska, sommer 2012

she got her hands in the air, holding half of the sky, still got the time to stay fly

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 photo IMG_1285JPG_effected.jpg
schweiz, april 2013

 photo IMG_1973_zpsccc67860.jpg
 photo IMG_1974_zps7ed2ebe9.jpg
oliver, berlin, herbst 201
 photo IMG_2980JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_2965JPG_effected.jpg
berlin, herbst 2012

 photo IMG_9869JPG_effected.jpg
martyna, märz 2013
 photo IMG_3466JPG_effected.jpg
bremen, mai 2013

she got tricks in the stash, stacking up the cash

 photo IMG_9702JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_9703JPG_effected.jpg
hamburg, anfang 2013
 photo IMG_8583JPG_effected.jpg
oliver, mai 2013
 photo IMG_1021JPG_effected.jpg
schweiz, april 2013
 photo IMG_2877JPG_effected.jpg
berlin, herbst 2012

when we love, we look pretty

 photo IMG_3593JPG_effected.jpg
 photo IMG_3598JPG_effected.jpg
jelena & sven, mai 2013

can't i stay a little longer? i'm so happy here

 photo IMG_1476JPG_effected.jpg
alaska, sommer 2012